Design Projects

AIA Insurance

Digital Business Card

We went out and approach AIA Insurance and suggested them to use a digital business card to help aid their business at the same time make it seamless when trading information between their clients.

Dika College

College Rebranding

DIKA reached out to us to recreate their current logo. Their brief includes a logo that may be appealing to the targeted audience with a clean and modern look. A bold logo with unique curved edges stands out from other competitors. The colours used are bold and able to grab the attention of the viewer.


Brochure Design

INCS required a proper and quirky design for their brochure and Whatsapp blasting to help promote their program so we stepped in and made their vision come true.



ISNC reached out to us to do their branding. Their brief includes a logo that may be appealing to the targeted audience with a clean and modern look. A stunning logo is applied to all by doing not only their brochure but also their namecard and letterhead as well.



Lemay is an exclusive jewellery company , they approached us to aid them with the branding to help tell their story true the logo and their products.

Melissa Shoes


It was a great honour to have the opportunity to do the photography of their products and bring them where they are today.

Motorrad Fahrer


Motorrad Fahrer is a bike wash specialist offering motorbike spa. Motorrad Fahrer is a new brand that approached us to create logo and branding materials.


Click Here to watch their Logo Animation Video.

Rimbayu IJM Land

Landing Page Design

Rimbaju IJM Land approached us to help make their vision come into fruition so we came up with a fantanstic landing page to promote their amazing menu and programs.

Simple Solutions


Simple Solutions idealogy wasnt made simple but elegantly done for their logo designs, namecard and letterhead.

Technique Geosystems


Technique Geosystems came to the right place to get their rebranding straight to attract their clients to help envision the idea together.